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Inspired in the most delectable and sweetest things in life, but also inspired in the way these things break, spill and melt down. That is the way we let our most hidden things emerge, when we break ourselves, or we allow another one to breaks us (in a good way).
The act of breaking is also an allegory to break the tone in which we were talking, Hard Candy marked a daring and riskier fresh start in which we risk ourselves using unusual colors and a level of transparence that made anyone blush.


PH & Styling: Jackie Sasson


PH: Arturo Borda y Diego Torres

Model: Laura Libreros

Make up & Hair: Lili Bonil


Direction: Jorge Velez

Executive Production : Jackie Sasson y Jorge Velez

Associated Producer: Visual Gloow

Production: Carlos Toro

Production assitant: Manuela Sierra

Model: Laura Libreros

Director of Photography: Hernando Gonzalez

Cameraman: Felipe Orozco

Photography: Diego Torres y Arturo Borda

Art Direction: Jackie Sasson

Art assistants: Irana Collazos y Diana Peñaloza

Make up & Hair: Lili Bonil

Edition: Jorge Velez

Color: Miguel Triana

Visual Fx : Camilo Acevedo